This course is ADVANCED suggesting we are not going to be spending a lot of time on the fundamentals of accuracy.  That should be understood prior to attending this course.  We are instead going to focus on stress, modified shooting positions, concealed carry techniques and then accuracy.   You Do NOT need your NC CCHP to attend this course.

This class is going to introduce you to the concealed carry lifestyle and develop your Concealed Carry Mindset.  This will be accomplished through realistic drills, techniques, proper use of equipment and more.  If you have an OWB (Out of Waist band) Holster bring it.  I would prefer you to have an IWB(In the Waist Band) Holster.  This course is going to help set you up for your day-to-day carry technique.  If you have a courier bag, a back-pack, a brief case, or a purse that you use daily and may carry a pistol in there from time to time, BRING IT!

 You will be introduced to pivots, partner pivots, shooting from sitting, standing to kneeling, kneeling to prone, shooting from your back, learning how to properly use a vehicle for cover/concealment and more.

You will understand that carrying concealed you are not set up for a sustained gunfight.  You will run through drills that demonstrate the importance the SSTD (Speed,Space,Time, and Distance) 

 You will be introduced to the UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions) Round.  The pistols used with the UTM Slides are Glock 17’s.  I will provide the UTM ammo needed for the course.  If you have a paintball mask or a balaclava bring it.  Most of the drills you will be shooting at the instructors.  You read that correctly, for those that have never used the UTM you are in for a treat.  The UTM round travels at 256 feet pre-second, so it won’t kill you but it will sting a little.

  This class is limited to 8 students for a few reasons.  First we are going to be doing some advanced training with loaded pistols, having a small class allows us to accomplish more than we would with a larger class.  Next would be I want to keep you all engaged as much as possible.  I am looking for positive saturation of information and training.  

Course cost is $265 per person, equipment rentals are $40 this includes pistol, holster, mags, pouch and protective mask.  You will need 400 rounds, if you are renting, you will need to purchase 115grain 9mm.