The morning portion will start at 0800 am at Ant Hill Range, located at 3110 Southport Supply Rd, Bolivia NC, 28422.  This segment of the training will cover the State required marksmanship instruction and the qualification.  Myself and my instructors will provide approximately 5 hours of pistol instruction on how to draw from a holster, the fundamentals of marksmanship, reloads drills, and more.  After completing the marksmanship portion of the day, approximately at 1:00pm, we will move back to Wilmington for the legal instruction portion of the course.  This portion of the training will last 3 hours.  We will cover the laws, the do’s and do not’s for for carrying a pistol concealed.  You will take a test, receive your certificate of completion, that you will then take to the sheriffs office.  

Course cost is $115 per person, If you need to rent pistol and equipment rental fee is $30, you will need 300 rounds of ammo, if you are renting the ammo you will need is 115grain 9mm