• 3110 Southport-Supply Rd SE, Bolivia, NC 28422

This course will fill one of the biggest voids when talking about gun ownership, EDUCATION.  I have had many clients come through my course who were "anti-gun" by the end of the day they always ask when is your next course.  I also know that parents do not have the best luck when it comes to instructing there kids with new things.  

This is the day for you!  Fathers and Mothers, bring your kids!  You will be a student right next to them securing the bond between family and marksmanship. This course will focus on creating the next generation of safe law abiding gun owners.  We will cover ranges customs and courtesies, safety brief in great detail, there will be a basic medical class.  Then we will move to establishing the strong fundamentals of marksmanship.  

This day will be fun, safe and educational.