I wanted to take a moment to formally thank you and Brian. The Advanced Concealed Carry Course was the best tactical shooting course I have ever attended, and I have been to a few.

The comfortable setting allowed students to safely test their limits and push the boundaries. Your methods of skill building drills culminating in a range of stress induced role play scenarios is the kind of training that is typically restricted to the most specialized military operator schools. Yet you and your team made these skills, drills, and thrills available to a civilian audience in a safe and effective way that left everyone more capable than when they started. And despite being dirty, and tired, or maybe because of it, we were all smiling! 


I strongly recommend this course to any intermediate level shooters that may feel that they have plateaued with flat range courses and competitions. If you are serious about mastering weapon manipulation skills and are seeking thoughtful, safe yet boundry-pushing real world training that can protect you and your loved ones, this course is for you!


Ilario Pantano, 

 Marine Scout Sniper, Infantry Officer, Sheriff's Deputy, and competitive shooter.