MARKSMANSHIP COURSES; our courses are designed on a platform that each class builds on the from previous class.  Classes are designed for the beginner, to the intermediate, to the advanced levels of marksmanship. 



            North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Permit Course

            1–Day Basic pistol (which is covered in the NCCCH Course)

            1-Day Tactical Pistol Course

            2-Day Tactical Pistol Course

            1 Day Advanced Concealed Carry Course SBT

            2 Day Advanced Concealed Carry Course SBT

            1-Day Pistol Fitness Course

            NRA Basic Pistol Course


           1-Day CSPT Pistol

           1-Day CSPT Rifle

           1-Day CSPT Shotgun

           1-Day CSPT Combination Course




            1-Day Basic Carbine

            1-Day Tactical Rifle

            2-Day Tactical Rifle

            1-Day Transition Rifle/Pistol Course, SBT

            2-Day Transition Rifle/Pistol Course, SBT

            1-Day Rifle Fitness Course

            NRA Rifle Course 

ADVANCED RIFLE (range permitting)

            1-Day Intro to Long Gun

            2-Day Intro to Long Gun



            1-Day Basic Shotgun

            1-Day Advanced Shotgun

            NRA Shotgun Course


            The goal is to remove the negative stigma that follows guns, gun ownership and by providing proper education.  We have offered Youth Marksmanship Instruction for the last 6 years.  Requirements are the parent or legal guardian, be present or attending the training for the duration of the day.  Our Youth Instruction stresses the importance of gun safety, being a responsible gun owner/user. We will develop self-confidence in the shooter, as well as teach them how to set up a range and more.  If your minor is already advanced in marksmanship we can get them to the next level. 


            This is for the beginner to the most advanced outdoorsman.  Don’t know how to read a compass and a map…we have you covered.  Want to train for an eco challenge or a major expedition. We can get you prepared for what ever challenge you seek. 


            We offer a variety of NRA instruction.  Contact us with what NRA course you are interested in.


            All courses are also offered for private instruction, for the individual or private groups.  If you do not see a course on the calendar, contact us.  We are available for training 7 days a week.  We also create training packages to fit the needs of the group.  Contact for prices of private training.


            If you are looking for something to do with you staff out side of the normal fishing trip, something that will develop leadership, inspire leadership, and challenge leadership.  We have packages that can provide all of that.  In the event your business/corporation has polices against events involving the use of firearms.  We have you covered; we offer team-building events that focus solely on teamwork through problem solving and physical stress.


            We have proved training for theses areas for over the last seven years.  Our goals are to provide realistic training that is going to allow our first responders to do their job at maximum capacity and coming out on top.  We have a variety of training packages designed for the needs of the command/department.  We have you covered.


            If you are new to firearms and all that it entails, we understand that it can be over whelming.  What gun should you buy, followed by what holster, followed by what ammo, and so on and so on.  Becoming a firearms owner is a commitment to a lifestyle that can get to be very expensive is you aren’t careful.  We offer a concierges services where we basically take you gun shopping.  If you are planning an expedition to climb Mt McKinley, or create an emergency go bag, or just fine tune items that you currently have.  We can help you with that too.